Products Explore the ILANTUS Express suite of products for password and sign-on management

  • Password Express

    Password Express is a next generation password management and password synchronization tool that provides users password self-service from any device, anytime and anywhere.

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  • Sign-On Express

    Sign-On Express is a next generation Web Single Sign On solution that provides users with seamless and secured access to any web based on-premise or cloud.

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  • Unified Express

    Single Sign-on for all browser based and cloud applications and password synchronization for non-browser based applications along with password management from any device, anytime and anywhere.

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Solutions Answers to business challenges within the ILMS framework

Identity Lifecycle Management Solution (ILMS)


Business and technology consulting for the entire identity lifecycle framework, from strategy and planning to implementation and management.


ILMS for Office 365


Seamless integration with MS Office 365 applications to address every phase of the identity lifecycle, for all applications regardless of user location.


Segregation of Duties (SoD) for SAP using ILMS


Manage risk in business processes with native support for SAP roles and entitlements, using SoD definitions to increase security.


Flexibility Identity Lifecycle Management Solution (ILMS) modular components address key IAM challenges

  • Grant and Manage Identity Access

    the power to automatically enforce access policies in all authorization processes… leverage a large library of connectors and out-of-the box workflows for flexible, easy, and fast provisioning.

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  • Embrace BYOD & Boost User Productivity

    the power to do self-service for password resets, Windows and Mac OS lockouts… with secure authentication and password synchronization across all systems.

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  • Embrace Governance, Risk and Compliance

    the power to discover who has access to what in an organization… the power to manage the right access for right people and the power to enforce controls intelligently.

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  • Increase User Convenience

    the power to SSO instantly with over 1,500 applications… enables a secure two-way handshake for employees, partners and customers inside the enterprise or BYOD on the go.

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Testimonial What our clients say about us

  • ILANTUS Password Express reduced the daily call center volume for password unlocks and resets from 80-90 calls to just a couple each day.


  • ILANTUS Password Express reduced the daily call center volume for password unlocks and resets from 80-90 calls to just a couple each day


  • "It was immediately obvious that the ILANTUS team had a real strength in product knowledge and is extremely savvy in all the large products in the IAM market."

    Kshamit Dixit

  • After implementing ILANTUS Password Express, our users' dependence on IT resources for password unlock and resets was nearly gone and we saw a noticeable impact in productivity in all departments, including IT

    Gujarat Gas

  • By synchronizing ILANTUS Password Express and PeopleSoft, the existing HR software, all 28,500 users were able to be auto registered into Password Express and ensure that everyone was seamlessly using the new password management tool.


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